Why do we resist the need to get out and walk through the dappled morning light? The pressing demands of work, responsibilities of home and family the drive to always be busy chain us down.

Every once in awhile we must resist the gravitational pull of duty and responsibility to free ourselves, lengthen our stride and let our minds rest in the bosom of nature.

Not long ago, Shawn and I made the effort to do just that and took our first steps on the Ozark Highland Trail. The OHT is a popular and critically acclaimed backpacking trail in the northern park of Arkansas running through the hills and valleys of the Ozark Mountains.

Beginning at the Haw Creek Campground area along Haw Creek we did a morning section hike. Early spring blessed us with Dogwoods and diffused light. This picture is near the 183 mile marker and I shot it to capture and curate the way the light made me feel streaming through the trees.

The backdrop of the huge boulder immersed in the green garden of the Ozarks finalized the shot and anchored my feelings of lightness and joy.